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Prone Cushion

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Lying On Your Stomach

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Inspired by

The Natural Human Body


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Proning, a.k.a. lying down is a naturally therapeutic posture that promotes the most complete muscle relaxation, stress-relief, and slower heartbeat. It causes under eight times less pressure than when we’re sitting.

Why Prone Cushion?

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With vs Without Prone Cushion

The mixture of state-of-the-art engineering & naturally therapeutic posture provides a marvelous comfort experience.

With Prone Cushion

Without Prone Cushion

It’s so comfortable, I feel like royalty! The perfect product for a pillow princess like myself

Bridget Donovan

I love my prone cushion, it’s amazing! My only complaint is that I would have LOVED it 3 years ago! Where has this been all my life?

Paula Mokosh

As soon as I got it out of the box, I laid down on it. Reaction: PHOQUE!!! Wow. Wow. The streching... What a great obejct to own. Thanks a million times for the creation

Lady Danie Blais

This cushion is beautifully constructed with premium materials. A lot of thought and care went into the design and production.

Ravi Marylyn

Been using for the last few days and this is amazing, definitely regretting not ordering a second for the wife because it's hard to share lol

Ray Stafford

Prone Cushion: What's Inside?

Everything about the Prone Cushion was designed with a purposeful attention to detail.

Thorough Bone Support

Attentive to the last detail, the ultra-soft memory foam extends to support even your pelvic bones while you lie down on it.

Fit For All

Prone Cushion can perfectly accommodate all body sizes with its smartly built-in height-adjustable legs, making it one-sized fit for all.


Prone Cushion can be used in a variety of different ways; like lying on your stomach, using it as a backrest, or as a reclined back support.

Ultra Soft Memory Foam

The multi-layered, ultra-soft memory foam used on the Prone Cushion provides you a cloud-like comfort; unmatched by any other.

Ergonomic Design

Designed with the optimal ergonomic posture in mind, Prone Cushion allows you to maintain the best body posture for as long as you need.


Adjustable height Levels

With its smartly built-in height adjustable legs, you can choose from 3 different heights. This allows you to easily change the angle to find the perfect prone posture. 


Percentile of the human bodies

Tested with over 200 testers over multiple rounds, Prone Cushion’s length is set to cover over 99.1% percentiles of the length of the pelvis to the chin of human bodies.

Premium Materials

Soft To The Touch

Suede Texture Fabric


Breathable Inner Mesh

Prevents foul odors and mold growth

Charcoal Infused Memory Foam

Multi-Layered Memory Foam System

Super-Soft Memory Foam

Contours to the shape of your body as you lay on the cushion, offering cloud-like comfort

Pelvic Bone Support

The super-soft memory foam extends to cover even your pelvic bones

Chin & Neck Support

Extra-soft, extra-thick section at the top for you to rest your chin and neck

High-Density Memory Foam

The rigid core firmly supports the weight of your body, boasting an unyielding durability

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