Prone Cushion™

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Comfort. Reimagined / Confort. Réinventé

The world's first cushion designed for lying on your stomach.

Available in 3 colors.

Color: Midnight Blue
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Prone Cushion

Product specification

All the basic information about the Prone Cushion in a glance.


25.6 in x 9.84 in x 12.6 in

650 mm x 250 mm x 320 mm


5.3 lbs

2.4 kg

Included in the box

Prone Cushion™

Suede-Texture Cover

Anti-Bacterial White Mesh

Height Adjustable Legs

User Manual

Prone Cushion™

The Ultimate Comfort Device

Everything about the Prone Cushion™ was designed to give you the most comfortable experience. Down to the very last detail.


There is no single answer to comfort. That's why Prone Cushion™ has many layers to offer a sophistiacted solution.

Softer than soft.

With over 6" of super-soft memory foam, Prone Cushion™ contours to the natural shape of your body.

Germ Resistant. Sweat Resistant. Odor Resistant.

The Prone Cushion™ is infused with charcoal - a naturally anti-bacterial material. So you can lie allergy, mold, and moisture-free*

Stay cool. Always.


Air Cells

Nobody likes hot-sweaty nights.

Utilizing Air-Cell Technology, Prone Cushion™ is designed to make proning a breeze for you, any time of the year.

Air-Cell Technology

The unique cooling air cells increases breathability & ventilation. This prevents overheating, and exhausts any moisture.

Breathable Materials

Prone Cushion™ uses highly breathable materials that has excellent air-flow.


Adjustable Height Levels

The best comfort looks different for every body.

That's why the Prone Cushion™ is fully customizable for your persoanlized fit.

Perfect for

Any Task. Any Size.

Level 1

Inclination level: 13°

Perfect for:
● Small sized bodies
● Prolonged proning sessions
● Meditation

Level 2

Inclination level: 18°

Perfect for:
● Medium sized bodies
● More focused tasks
● Reading

Level 3

Inclination level: 23°

Perfect for:
● Large size bodies
● Highly-intensive tasks
● Mobile Gaming

3 Different Heights

1 Elegant Solution

The smartly built-in height adjustable legs provide a wide spectrum of heights to choose from.

Click. Clack. Magnetic snap. 🧲

The height-adjustable legs locks into postition using magnets* - with the same satisfying *snap* used in MagSafe.

Transforms to your needs 🤖

Whether it's a high-intensive game or a chill relaxation session, change up your best support in literal seconds.

Live Comfortably. Prone Comfortably.

Healthier body. Healthier mind.

Healthier life.

In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. And both are crucial to living a healthier life. Fortunately, Prone Cushion™ helps you with both.

Mood up. Stress down.

Proning is a naturally therapeudic posture known to improve your mood and lower stress levels.

More productivity. For all your activity.

A powerhouse on the go - Prone Cushion™ helps you stay focused on the things you care about. Any time, anywhere.

Built Quality

Uncompromising. For your anatomy.

You deserve to rest on the best. That's why Prone Cushion™ is crafted with materials of the highest quality.

Easily Machine Washable

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can always enjoy Prone Cushion's™ soft touch no matter how many times you wash it.

Borderless comfort

Wherever. Whenever.

On your side

On your back

Against the wall

For excercise

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