Prone Cushion

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Comfort. Reimagined / Confort. Réinventé

The world's first ergonomic cushion designed for lying on your stomach. It helps correct your posture and relieves stresses on your back, neck, and shoulders - all at once!

Available in 3 colors.

Color: Midnight Blue
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Why Prone?

Proning is a naturally therapeutic posture that stretches out your muscles & bones. Something we all could use in the modern days!

What is Prone Cushion?

It's the world's first cushion that's been designed for lying on your stomach! It helps correct your posture, and relieves stresses on your back, neck, shoulders - all at once!

As soon as I got it out of the box, I laid down on it. Reaction: PHOQUE!!! Wow. Wow. The streching... What a great object to own. Thanks a million times for the creaion. 🤟

- Lady Danie Blais

Prone Cushion

What Makes It So Special?


Ergonomic Design

Inspired by the natural shape of the human body, Prone Cushion is engineered to support your entire upper body.

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What's Inside

Multi-Layered Memory Foam System

We tested over 20 different formulas for density & softness to find the perfect combination of functionality & comfort - flexible yet supportive.

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Alleviate Neck & Back Pain

Prone Cushion’s multi-layered memory foam structure and ergonomic design provide a zero gravity-like comfort by dispersing your body weight over a larger surface area.

Boost Your Productivity

Prone Cushion allows you to lie down for extended periods of time without fatigue. This helps you get in the zone and empowers you to be your very best!

Reduce Stress Levels

Prone Cushion is lightweight and easy to carry so you to take it with you anywhere! With Prone Cushion, you can work comfortably: where you want - when you want.


Adjustable Height Levels

Prone Cushion accommodates for all body sizes with its smartly built-in height adjustable legs.
You can choose from 3 different height & angle to find the perfect posture, regardless of the task at hand!

Level 1

Inclination level: 13°

Perfect for:
● Small sized bodies
● Prolonged proning sessions
● Meditation

Level 2

Inclination level: 18°

Perfect for:
● Medium sized bodies
● More focused tasks
● Reading

Level 3

Inclination level: 23°

Perfect for:
● Large size bodies
● Highly-intensive tasks
● Mobile Gaming

Any Body ‎ ‎ ‎ Any Size ‎ ‎ ‎ Any Type

Inclusive Design

Made with YOUR body in mind

The Prone Cushion was made for all bodies; regardless of their size or type. It ensures the ultimate comfort for female proners as well. The super-soft memory foam perfectly captures & contours to the natural shape of your body - even on the chest.

Versatile Usability

On your side

On your back

Against the wall

For excercise

Premium Materials

Easily Machine Washable

All fabrics used on the Prone Cushion are machine-wash safe - so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you can always enjoy its soft touch no matter how many times you wash it.

Luxury vs. Regular

What's the difference?

Luxury Edition



Luxury Edition











Vegan Leather



Tri-Tone Colorway




Buttery Smooth Action

Gold Color Accent



Zipper Housing


Prone Cushion

Product specification

All the basic information about the Prone Cushion in a glance.


25.6 in x 9.84 in x 12.6 in

650 mm x 250 mm x 320 mm


5.3 lbs

2.4 kg

Height Adjustable Leg 1

1.36 in / 35 mm

Inclination: 18°

Height Adjustable Leg 2

2.76 in / 70 mm

Inclination: 23°

Included in the box

Prone Cushion

Suede-Texture Cover

Anti-Bacterial White Mesh

Height Adjustable Legs

User Manual

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Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Got mine today! I originalyl ordered one for my son and then impulsively added a second for myself. I'm SO glad I did!!! So comfy and it is very high quality! I'm impressed!

Jiazi Zheng

One word: Addicting

I have been using this for at least 4 hours a day, reading books for the past week. My body definelty feels better and lighter compared to when I just sit down on the bed and do the same thing. I can see that there is definitely some sort of thoughtful design involved.


It's so comfortable

I am truly loving it. One of the best things I've ever supported here. Great job all of you. It's so comfortable.