Fabric Cleaner

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Lasting freshness / Fraîcheur durable

The Prone Cushion Fabric Cleaner penetrates deep into the fabric to clean thoroughly while protecting the material from oily soil after cleaning. It helps keep the Prone Cushion fibers cleaner, and longer.

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Fabric Cleaner

Product Details

All the basic information about the Prone Cushion Fabric Cleaner in a glance.


120 ml / 4 oz.

How To Use

1. Shake well before use
2. Protect nearby items from overspray
3. Apply light coat evenly on surface overlapping spray
4. Do not oversaturate
5. Allow surface to dry to touch before using
6. Full cure protection happens after 24 hours
7. Repeat as necessary


Kelly C.

Worth the investment!

I’ve already used it a few times and the results were fantastic! After a couple tries I was so relieved that your product worked as advertised! Thanks again for making this available!!

Mary U.

Great to have on hand

Purchased to clean my Prone Cushion Lux. Does a good job.

Joshua A.

Great product

great results very happy

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