What is Prone Cushion? Introducing the Alternative Posture

Prone Cushion saves your back

Prone Posture: The Unsung Hero and its Kryptonite

In the realm of body postures, prone posture plays the role of a secret superhero. It’s an undercover agent working for your well-being, often popping up in unexpected moments of your daily life - be it lounging while reading a book, doing certain exercises, or even enjoying a peaceful sleep. This posture, where you lie face down with your limbs extended, carries a bouquet of benefits, like improving lung function and helping with back pain.

But even Superheroes have Weaknesses


However, every superhero has its kryptonite, and for prone posture, it’s the lack of proper support. Lying down flat on your stomach can sometimes put extra pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back, leading to strains and discomfort. It’s like trying to sit without a chair or sleep without a bed. Just as a chair supports your spine while sitting, and a bed cushions your body during sleep, the prone posture too craves ergonomic support to unveil its full potential.


Imagine trying to maintain a position that, while beneficial, also opens the door to potential strains and stresses on your body. Unsupported prone posture can be like a double-edged sword, on one side providing the benefits of improved respiratory function, and on the other side, causing discomfort due to lack of proper alignment and support.

Unlock its Full Potential with Prone Cushion

Here’s where the Prone Cushion swoops in to save the day! Designed from the ground up Prone Cushion helps correct your posture, and relieves stresses on your back, neck, and shoulders - all at once.


The Prone Cushion with its patent-pending ergonomic design, is engineered to support your entire upper body. Inspired by the natural shape of the human body, it cradles every inch of your torso - from the neck all the way to your pelvic bones. 

By offering targeted support, it ensures that your shoulders, neck, and back are comfortably aligned and supported, allowing you to soak in the benefits of the prone position without the accompanying strains. It transforms your experience, turning prone posture from a challenging taskmaster into a supportive friend that contributes positively to your well-being.


Perfectly conforming to your body, its every curve and contour follow the shape of your physique - providing you with a perfect and satisfying fit with edgeless comfort. It helps correct your body posture and restores the natural shape of your body.


The Prone Cushion gives you a deeply therapeutic experience not just for your body, but for your mind as well. When lying on the Prone Cushion, our users reported a decrease in stress & anxiety, and an improvement in mood and happiness

Build Healthy Habits Today and Perfect your Exerience

Don’t let the lack of support steal the superpowers of your prone posture. Equip it with the support it deserves, and embrace the full spectrum of benefits it brings into your life.

Discover the transformative power of well-supported prone posture with the Prone Cushion, and unlock a universe of comfort and benefits at

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