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Cover: Luxury Edition

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Why Prone?

Proning is a naturally therapeutic posture that stretches out your muscles & bones. Something we all could use in the modern day!

Ergonomic Design

Designed with the optimal ergonomic posture in mind, Prone Cushion allows you to maintain the best body posture for as long as you need.


Prone Cushion can be used in a variety of different ways; like lying on your stomach, using it as a backrest, or as a reclined back support.

Full-Body Support

Prone Cushion covers all part of your body - down to the last detail.

Height Adjustable Legs

Prone Cushion can perfectly accommodate all body sizes with its smartly built-in height-adjustable legs, making it a one-sized fit for all.

Get to know

Prone Cushion™

Patent-Pending Design 📜

Developed with the help of medical professionals, Prone Cushion was designed with your body in mind

Premium Materials 💎

No costs spared - Prone Cushion uses only the highest quality materials

Anti Bacterial 🧼

Prone Cushion uses activated charaoal - a naturally anti-bacterial material.

Multi Posture 🎛️

Prone Cushion can be used in various ways - perfectly adapting to your use case

Fit for All 👫

Prone Cushion is for all body size and types. From 4'9" to 6'4"

Adjustable Height Levels 🛠️

The smartly built-in height adjustable legs allows you to choose from3 different height and angles


Less Pressure


Reduced Body Pain*


Body Size Covered

A Perfect Fit!

Prone Cushion™ was modeled after the human body. Its every curve and contour follows the natural shape of your physique - providing you with a perfect and satisfying fit!

Zero Gravity Comfort

Prone Cushion™ provides a zero gravity-like comfort by dispersing your body weight over a larger surface area - removing any pressure points!

Thorough Ergonomic Support

Prone Cushion™ was engineered to support your entire upper body. It cradles every inch of your torso - from the neck all the way to your pelvic bones. 

Super-Soft Memory Foam

Using NASA developed viscoelastic memory foam, Prone Cushion™ molds perfectly to your body.

See the difference

With vs. Without

Unsupported lying puts pressure on focused areas - like your neck, back, and shoulders - causing pain. Prone Cushion™ removes all pressure points in your body.




Innovation you can feel

Prone Cushion's Magic Design

Incredible amount or research has gone behind developing the Prone Cushion™. Every element was designed to give you the ultimate comfort experience.

Multi-Layered Memory Foam

Prone Cushion™ uses a Super Soft Memory Foam at the top, and a Hard Foam in its core. This makes is soft where you want it, and firm where you need it.

Built-in Height Adjustable Legs

The built-in height adjustable legs allows you to choose from 3 unique height and angles to find the perfect comfort fit.

Perfect for All Body Sizes

With its height adjustable legs, Prone Cushion covers 99.1% of all body sizes. So everyone from 4'9" to 6'4" can use it without problem.

Borderless Comfort

Versatile Usability

Prone Cushion™ adapts to all your use case! Becoming your perfect comfort companion no matter the task at hand.

Lying on your stomach

Healthier Body + Mind

You need both a healthy body and a healthy mind to live a healthy life. Science shows that proning can help you with both.

All-day Stress Relief + Relaxation

Studies have shown that lying on your stomach can reduce stress & anxiety, and improve your mood and happiness.

Boost Your Productivity

Prone Cushion™ allows you to lie down for extended periods of time without fatigue. This helps you get in the zone and empowers you to be your very best!

Take Your Comfort Anywhere

Lightweight and easy to carry - you can take Prone Cushion™ with you anywhere! From your bedroom to living room, Prone Cushion™ has your back.

Attention to detail

Premium Materials

You deserve to rest on the best. That's why Prone Cushion™ is crafted with materials of the highest quality.

Easily Machine Washable

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can always enjoy Prone Cushion's™ soft touch no matter how many times you wash it.

Cooling Air-Cells

The unique cooling air cells increases breathability & ventilation.This prevents overheating, and exhausts any moisture.

Breathable Materials

Prone Cushion™ uses highly breathable materials that has excellent air-flow. Keeping you cool all day long.

What's The Difference?

Luxury vs. Regular

Luxury Edition









Vegan Leather


Tri-Tone Colorway


Prone Cushion™ Q&A

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